In January, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his cabinet resigned over a child care benefits scandal. At least 26,000 parents who received child care benefits were wrongfully accused of fraud. The majority of the victims are people of color. One of the main criteria on which parents were targeted was double nationality. This is a violation of the law. The victims were referred to by racist terms within the government.

Eventually, a few members of Parliament and journalists got involved, but the government withheld information from them. Every effort was taken to protect politicians and government officials. The child…

A silent protest at the Dutch Parliament

On April 16th 2019, over a hundred ill people with chronic Lyme disease stood in front of the Dutch Parliament in the Hague to protest against the violations of their human rights. Chronic Lyme disease has been well described for decades in medical literature. Yet to this day, the existence of it is denied in public healthcare in The Netherlands, leaving patients out in the cold with no access to care. Inside the Parliament, The Dutch Lyme Association presented a ten step master plan to members of Parliament based on the results of a national survey. The demonstration was unique…

In some countries like the Netherlands, children with chronic or complex illnesses such as Lyme disease are sometimes removed from their parents by Child Protection Services. They believe that these children are victims of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

This is a severe form of child abuse where a parent, usually the mother, is making the child sick or is faking or exaggerating the child’s illness. By poisoning for example. This is done out of a sick need for attention from doctors and other health care providers. …

Sara Meijer

Photographer who writes about human rights. Published in Filosofie Magazine, Lyme DiseaseOrg, Hitrecord/Harper Design

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